Weight Loss Program

A deconditioned and overweight body could be a source of musculoskeletal disorders and depression. The objective of our weight loss program is to provide assistance and education towards a healthy weight reduction. This program includes: nutrition counseling, an exercise program and E.M.S. (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) to name a few.


Nutrition is an essential component of good health. Good health means feeling good, looking good, preventing certain illness and having lots of energy. Our nutritionist will provide you with scientifically sound nutrition information tailored to your needs.

Individual nutrition counseling includes a nutrition assessment, food record analysis and nutrition education specifically designed for you.

Exercise Program

The exercise program includes weekly instruction for home exercise by a personal trainer plus two sessions of weight lifting and muscle toning training per week. Each program is personalized according to the client’s desired goal.


E.M.S stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulator. E.M.S has been long applied in physiotherapy treatment to strengthen weak and atrophied muscle after fractures and prolonged castings as well as retraining certain muscle groups after surgeries.

E.M.S machine generates small, gentle pulses that are transmitted from the electrode to your skin. These safe pulses activate your underlying motor nerves, resulting in muscle contraction. A signal is sent by the unit to the muscles, causing them to contract and then relax. These impulses are designed to mimic the natural nerve signals and to obtain efficient, pleasant muscular contractions which repeat again and again to stimulate normal exercise.

Regardless of how strict a diet plan you have been following, muscles tend to sag and lose tone, pulling body contours out of line. E.M.S is purposely designed to define sagging muscles, to firm them and help you achieve ideal body curves.

In conjunction with your workout routine, E.M.S helps to increase muscles density, vascularity and hardness by the process of intense contraction. Better muscle definition is thereby achieved with the recommended use of 30 minutes per day in addition to a normal workout routine. Regular physical exercise in conjunction with E.M.S is recommended for maximum results.

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