We are pleased to have added radial shockwave therapy to our practice.

Radial shockwave treatment transmits high-energy acoustic pulses to the affected area of the body to promote rapid healing.

It can provide extremely effective treatment in a considerably short period of time than other treatments.

Radial Shockwave treatment increases metabolic activity and stimulates re-absorption of calcium deposits to reduce pain by triggering the body’s natural healing capacity.

It is a non-invasive procedure that works without the use of X-rays or drugs. You need not be referred by a doctor to receive shockwave treatment.

Shockwave treatment is an excellent option for people who suffer from chronic pain and have tried other options (such as massage and chiropractic) without the success they had hoped for.

Many patients experience significant results after a single treatment. The typical course of treatment is three sessions. But the healing is accumulative, so patients continue to have results for weeks after the treatment ends.

Shockwave is commonly associated with sports injuries, but may be used for a wide variety of conditions including: superficial orthopaedic problems; myofascial trigger point treatment; heel spurs; calcific tendonitis of the shoulder; plantar fasciitis; bursitis; shin splints; and epicondylitis.