Yoga Therapy

Yoga has its roots in ancient wisdom and has been practiced for over 4000 years. Using physical poses, it is simultaneously energizing and relaxing and is a means of harmonizing the mind, body and sprit. Yoga is one of our primary therapies for stress management.
The deep breathing and physical exercises required for yoga will help you to deal with a raft of complaints such as pain of the joints and muscles, anxiety stress, postural problems, and bowel tone function problems.

Yoga helps to improve physical health, tone muscles and internal organs, relieve inner tension reduce weight and strengthen bones as treatment (yoga therapy).

When you start out on a program of yoga, you will discover a range of benefits:

More balanced emotions
A greater level of fitness
Clear thoughts
Improved inner calm
Improved concentration
Positive, healthy out look on life
Recent scientific studies have shown that the regular practice of yoga decreases problems with breathing, digestion and blood pressure, eliminates stress and tension and helps people suffering with arthritis and arterioscleroses. The result of a six month study showed a dramatic increase in lung capacity the ability to handle stress and a reduction in body weight, cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.

There are various styles of yoga being practiced world wide. However at Unique Rehab and Physiotherapy we choose to practice Sivananda style simply for its therapeutic and relaxation effect.
Yoga principals and asanas (poses) have been incorporated in to our physiotherapy treatment for patient’s specific needs, body awareness and body maintenance training.

Yoga classes are also continuously being offered at our clinic for those with stress related conditions or those groups of patients who like to continue on a body maintenance program after full recovery.

By rounding out the physical practice of yoga asanas with meditation, yogic breathing exercises, relaxation and nutritious diet, yoga can provide today’s man and woman with a nearly complete prescription for healthy, stress- reduced living.