When your body and mind are under pressure, your muscles become constricted.Tight, cramped muscles restrict the body’s blood supply causing pain, fatigue and tension.

Over tensed muscle can dramatically affect your posture, movement and body functioning.


Correct breathing is the key to calming mind and body. How you breathe reflects your health and how you feel about yourself. Your breathing becomes shallow and rapid when you are anxious, but slow and deep when you are at ease. Years of stress and poor lifestyle mean that rapid, shallow breathing is the norm for most of us.

Efficient, controlled breathing and the ability to relax at will are vital in dealing effectively with stress. Simple breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques reduce the mental and physical effects of stress and enhance well being.

Once you have learned a range of relaxing exercises that suit you, it is important to develop a regular routine in the same way you would with any sport or exercise discipline.
To see the true benefits you need to make it a part of your life style rather than something that you do as a break from your routine. The small amount of time spent relaxing your body muscles and controlling your breathing each morning or evening will pay dividends over the rest of the day.

Relaxation techniques are being offered as part of physiotherapy treatment in private or group setting.

Please note group classes are currently unavailable!