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Orthotics are medical appliances that are custom-made to correct specific foot imbalances.

Feet are the foundation of the entire body. They do an incredible amount of work each day.
If the foot is in a proper position it allows the ankles, knees, hips, and the rest of the body to be in a neutral position so that gravity’s natural forces go through joints and spine, at their strongest points.

On the other hand, the slightest misalignment of muscles and bones can cause many different problems such as localized foot pain, bunions, hammer toe, arch, heel, leg, knee, hip or back pain, even neck pain.

orthotics and footcare in north york ontario

3 Facts About Orthotics

orthotics are custom made north york ontario

Custom Made For You

Prescription orthotics are different from store-bought ones. They are made to fit your feet and address any foot problems. Each client is treated individually and each orthotic is made by us.


They can help you offload weight from certain areas of your foot that are affected by calluses, bursitis, or foot ulcers. They can help improve the function of your feet, particularly when you have hypermobility due to tendonitis or fasciitis & more.

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Not Exclusive To Athletes

Orthotics can address many common mobility and foot issues, including bunions and flat feet. They can be helpful for people who have sprains often, people with swollen feet, or those whose feet are curved when walking.

Giving You A Comfortable Walking Experience

At Unique Rehab & Physiotherapy, custom-made orthotics are prescribed to correct specific body imbalances. In your shoes your feet rest comfortably on orthotics, your feet are gently and consistently forced into the correct functioning for walking, running, and standing.

Their proper alignment eliminates improper rotation of the foot, painful muscle strain, and abnormal forces on the legs, hips, and spine.

The devices are always made from custom precise impressions taken of your feet. Currently, two different orthotic labs provide our orthotics: Orthotic Energy and The Orthotic Group.

Orthotics have been priced reasonably low in our clinic. This allows patients to have orthotics in more than one pair of shoes.

orthotics and footcare in north york ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need a doctor’s referral in order to be seen by a Chiropodist, simply contact us and book an appointment.

No. OHIP doesn’t cover Chiropody fees. Many of the services provided by chiropody are covered by extended health insurance plans. Each insurance plan is unique, so we recommend that you speak with your insurance company for information about your coverage.

As the orthotics are still being adjusted, it is normal to feel some discomfort or fatigue at first. Your orthotics should be worn for at least one hour the first day, and then increase this time by two hours every day. Orthotics should be worn continuously after the break-in period has ended to ensure optimal results. There will be a follow-up appointment within four weeks. However, if adjustments are needed, we will not charge the additional three months.

Yes, orthotics can be provided by chiropodists or podiatrists. Foot orthotics can be a key component of patient care for foot pathologies. They are designed to improve gait and relieve pain from abnormal foot structure or function.

A professional can check your feet for signs and symptoms such as pain at the heel or arch, ball, top, or bottom of the feet, gait anomalies, foot fatigue, and poor foot posture. A foot orthotic is recommended for people who have pain, discomfort, or bone problems.

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