Massage Therapy: 5 Benefits That You Did Not Know

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Massage Therapy: 5 Benefits That You Did Not Know

Massage therapy can be used to treat everything, from chronic pain to poor posture. However, many people are unaware of the benefits and how they can enhance their quality of life.
Many people mistakenly believe registered massage therapists work only on massaging the muscles. RMTs have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and are able to understand the various structures and systems that make up the human body. Don’t confuse a massage with a spa visit.


These are 5 benefits to massage therapy that you might not have realized:


1. RMTs relieve muscle pain by working with the nervous system

RMTs can treat muscles but this is just a part of what they do. They treat connective tissues, the lymphatic system, and muscles.
Two microscopic sensory organs, the Muscle Spindle fibers or the Golgi tendon organs, provide this relief. They are located in different parts and are associated with nervous reflexes.

massage therapy can help with muscle pain


2. Massage therapy can be used to treat postural dysfunction or counter chronic sitting

Most of us work 8+ hours per day at our desks. This can lead to a loss of focus on posture, and shoulders that are too forward tend to slump. This can cause a weak core, which can be unsupportive, and may lead to discomfort and pain in the upper back.
Although a back massage can feel wonderful, it is not the best way to relieve pain caused by poor posture. Instead, focus on the deeper parts of treatment like registered massage therapy to loosen the anterior chest muscles.

massage therapy can help with posture


3. Massaging therapy can be used to treat a variety of injuries

Massage therapists see most injuries due to muscle strains from overuse or trauma. However, an RMT can also help with other injuries. These include whiplash-related disorders due to motor vehicle accidents and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


4. Chronic headaches can be significantly reduced or eliminated by massage therapy

Massage therapy is not often considered the first option for migraines, tension, or cluster headaches. These issues can be treated quickly by RMTs.
There is often a noticeable amount of tension at the base and cervical spine. Chronic headaches can develop when the soft-tissue structures become irritated, compressing the neurovascular bundles that supply it. The key to relieving irritation is gentle cervical and suboccipital release, gentle traction to loosen the vertebral column, and stretching the neck’s muscles.

massage therapy can help with chronic headaches


5. Massage therapy can be just as beneficial for your mental health as it is for your physical health

Massage therapy can help heal the body’s physical structures, but it will also have a positive impact on your mental health. This is accomplished by decreasing the activity of the sympathetic nerve pathways and increasing the firing of parasympathetic nerve activity. This alone can have a significant cascading effect on hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, and hormones. It is believed to provide relief from chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.


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