Cupping Therapy Service

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy, a traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern treatment that treats a wide range of conditions is known as “cupping therapy”.

This involves placing cups at specific points on the skin. The cups are pulled against the skin by the practitioner who creates suction.

Cupping can be done either dry or wet. Wet cupping involves puncturing the skin to start the suction. This removes some blood from the patient during the procedure. This form of cupping is not as common in the United States, licensed physicians must perform it.

A cupping procedure can leave a person with a round bruise on their skin. This is because blood vessels burst due to being exposed to the suction effects.

cupping therapy by unique rehab in north york
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3 Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

cupping therapy improves blood circulation

Increases Blood Circulation

The cups' suction increases circulation to the area where cups have been placed. The increased blood flow can relieve muscle tension and encourage cell repair.

cupping can reduce stretch marks

Reduces Stretch Marks & Scars

Cupping activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes deep relaxation and allows you to move freely throughout your body.

cupping can improve varicose and spider veins

Improves Varicose & Spider Veins

Cupping can help by increasing blood flow to problem areas and oxygen. After your first session, you'll notice a lighter appearance to your varicose vessels.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Cupping is used in conjunction with traditional therapies and treatments.

Dry cupping involves placing a glass or plastic cup on the skin. The air in the cup is then suctioned or vacuumed. You can use the cups with or without movement. The average application time is five to ten minutes.

Cupping improves blood circulation right at the site of injury. According to proponents, increased circulation can reduce tension and spasms and promote cell repair through better blood flow. Cupping can also reduce pain, disability, and improve range of motion according to those who practice it. Cupping can also be used to treat chronic neck and lower back pain.

Cupping can cause a severe bruise to the cup. This usually disappears within 48 hours.

cupping therapy by unique rehab in north york

Frequently Asked Questions

Cupping can be used for a wide range of conditions such as acupuncture. Cupping can be used to treat strains, chronic pain, bruising, and subacute sprains. Conditions where edema may be a concern, fascial restrictions that could be related to scars, fibromyalgia chronic pain, or other musculoskeletal disorders. Cupping can be used to increase blood flow and improve overall healing. If you have additional questions about cupping as a possible addition to your treatment sessions, ask your therapist for more information.

We use only surgical-grade blades in Wet Cupping Therapy. The narrower and lighter blades are intended to reduce scarring. This makes scratches less noticeable and reduces the healing time considerably compared to non-surgical-grade equipment. The devices are designed to avoid deep incisions, which allows for a significant decrease in healing time.

Apply honey to the affected area every night before going to bed if it takes a while for the scratch to heal.

Every case is different. This is why we offer a free consultation regardless of which treatment you choose.

After you have completed your medical history and discussed your needs, we can create a treatment plan that fits your schedule. If you have a large ceremony (such as a wedding), and you want us to remove any spots, let us know the timeframe so we can suggest the best treatments or the best products.

We ask that you avoid eating anything for two hours before your treatment. You can still hydrate up to and even during the session.

A good, nutritious meal should be consumed at least 3 hours before you go to the hospital. This will allow your body time to digest your food and give it time to heal.

The gentle and effective way to relax is through Dry Cupping or Moving Cupping. The Wet Cupping procedure involves a few light scratches to your skin. However, the surgical-grade equipment used in this procedure is designed to minimize pain. Most people feel no pain at all!

To ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the session, your practitioner will encourage an interactive session. If you feel uncomfortable, your practitioner will help you to get comfortable again.


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