About Us

about us

As our name suggests, we are a rehabilitation and physiotherapy center that offers a unique approach towards recovery and well being. We provide the best Physiotherapy in North York to assist you with your pain and injuries.

We are also providing other treatments such as Massage Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Loss, Chiropractic Care and Podiatry for your optimal health.

We don’t  just treat symptoms.
We focus on treating you as a whole person.

Your First Appointment: What To Expect?

Your first physiotherapy appointment will include an assessment and a brief treatment. It may take more than one hour. The assessment will include consultation about the onset of injury or pain and a detailed examination of joints, flexibility, muscular strength, postural analysis, and other special tests.

Following your assessment, your physiotherapist will inform you of his/ her findings, answer your questions, and discuss a treatment plan suitable to your needs.

We believe in creating long-term, optimal health for you; We focus on the causes, not the symptoms. That’s why we’ll work with you on an in-depth look at your overall physical well-being, lifestyle, activities, hobbies, habits, and work situation. Once familiar with these factors, we’ll work with you on a treatment plan based on your needs. We’ll help you prevent re-injury.

All of our programs and classes are based on these core principles. They draw on the diverse experience of our Clinic Director, Shahla Tavakolnia.

The health and safety of our patients is our number one priority. All patients who enter our space are required to wear a face mask and fill out a short questionnaire. We ask that you bring your own masks to your appointment.